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Hidden Camera Detector

Battery app

Battery app - cool, protect, repair

News app

News India - As is Newspaper

News app

Glowrify - Auto Flash light

News app

Network Detector

News app

Notes with audio reminder

News app


News app

Yo Mail - Compose beautiful email

News app

Quick translator plugin

News app

AudioBook - Listen to PDF

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Girls at a Chennai PG found hidden cameras with the help of Hidden Camera Detector app - Times of India

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How to record call on iPhone without app - You didn't know its possible without an app >

How to detect hidden camera - 7 ways to be safe from hidden camera >

5 Ways to protect battery. You will love tip #1 >

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What our users say

Matt Brubach for hidden cameras detector: "everyone thought I was being Paranoid the mental health professionals, friends,?, and even the police but when t hey checked this app. against their on gear they verified it worked as good as their's good app just need to work with a bit and learn How it really works"

John Bouis for hidden cameras detector:"A friend had this app on his phone and I thought it was probably just a joke. I have a hidden surveillance camera in my house, so we decided to test it. The app actually detected my hidden camera! Great app, I just downloaded for myself. Thanks."

Sharrieff Jeter for Battery cooler: "Love it .. finally a cooler app that actually cools. I have been having hot phone problems Thankworks fine.I like the female voice and how you can change her tone and pitch ..Also like the voltage monitor..Thank You"

Bobby J. Rogers for Battery cooler: "Really great app/w battery protection. I constantly use it. Works real well. I consider this application as one of the better ones"

Gerry Masawi for Battery cooler:" As accurate as it gets when it comes to realtime info. Really useful app. Great job guys. I hope it can get even more thorough when it comes to cooling the CPU and keeping it cool for longer. Otherwise 5 stars indeed"

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